Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daily LOL: Easter Eggs = Spring Spheres (??????????????????????????????????????????)

Ok, this really gets the WTF stamp, fo sho. Apparently, somewhere in the U.S. a student at school was told to call Easter Eggs "Spring Spheres." This is LOL because 1. it made me scream WAT!!!???!!! at my computer screen, 2. because eggs aren't even round, and 3. it's just plain stupid. I'm sure there is some P.C. bull sh*t explanation for this, but I admit I just skimmed ... I was O_O the whole time and my eyes started to water. The article also made the cut because the photo is pretty and shiny. Me likey.

For those inclined to learn more about this here's the intro:

U.S. School Renames Easter Eggs "Spring Spheres"

It’s almost time for that annual springtime ritual — the spring sphere hunt! Or, to most people, the Easter egg hunt. A teenager volunteering at a Seattle elementary school was apparently told to use the politically correct name “spring spheres” when she tried giving kids plastic Easter eggs filled with candy.

Read the rest of the article HERE

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